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Celavi Professional Metallic Chrome Oval Paddle Brush (Available in Bronze, Silver and Lilac)


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The soft tips gentle bristles effortlessly breeze through tangles while gently massaging your scalp - without causing any damage. Leaves hair feeling smoother, healthier and easier to manage. Our Celavi Professional Metallic Chrome Oval Paddle Brush (Available in Bronze, Silver and Lilac) is the perfect addition to anyone who wants a perfect and smooth detangling experience!


Great for Any type of Hair!

Our Celavi Professional Metallic Chrome Oval Paddle Brush Collection is great for detangling any type of hair! From curly, straight, fine or normal, short or long, wet or dry, natural or synthetic, to thick or thin, it will easily detangle even the most stubborn of hairs!


Detangle Anytime, Anywhere! 
Use it anywhere, anytime! With it’s elegant and comfortable metallic handle, and gentle bristles equally and geometrically distributed to smoothly reduce knots, minimize hair breakage, hair loss, split ends and damage!


Suitable for Everyone! 
Suitable for women, men and kids! Bristles gently massages the scalp while easily and smoothly detangles hair! Say Bye to tugging, pulling and pain and Hello to healthy, soft and tangle-free hair! Available in 3 colors to choose from: Bronze, Silver and Lilac.


Celavi Tips:

    • Gently slide brush from root to tips. This Distributes the natural oils from their origin in the scalp to the hair ends. 

    • Divide and Conquer! If you have long or too much hair, divide it by sections and work each one separately!

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