V-Line Lifting Mask

  • $5.99

The V-Line Lifting Mask contains hydrogel and natural botanical ingredients that effectively revitalize the skin. This moisturizing mask also has both a lifting and shaping effect that reduces fat and fine lines. When used regularly, it can help shape and contour the jawline to provide a more structured look. It is ideal for both women and men. Safe for all skin types

🧡💙💛 How to Use 💛💙🧡

1. On clean dry skin, remove the masks and peel off the protective film. 

2. Place mask over the jawline and align with the chin. Hook the loops around the ears and massage evenly to fit the contour of the jaw. 

3. After 1-6 hours, remove the mask and discard. 

4. Massage the remaining serum into the skin for complete absorption.