Glass Callus Remover

This innovative glass callus remover is created with pure, high-quality materials and will help get rid of foot skin damage from traditional foot filing. No heat, toxins, or harsh chemicals are required when it comes to keeping your soles clean and smooth. Our pedicure tool is remarkably designed with an easy-grip handle that ergonomically fits in the palm of your hand for better polishing of the feet. It allows an easy range of motion at different angles so that maneuvering never becomes a problem. Buff away dead skin, blisters, calluses, and rough surfaces of the skin with this expert beauty tool.


How to use: Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes prior to using the tool. This allows the skin to soften up so that buffing is effective and pain-free. Using the glass callus remover, scrub away at the feet, focusing on extra dry areas such as the heel, sides, and balls of the feet. Repeat until surfaces are smooth, making sure to wash away dead skin in between uses. Rinse and pat dry.