Hybrid Hydrogel Under Eye Patches (6 Sheets Inside

  • $3.99

⭐️ Celavi's Hybrid Hydrogel Under Eye Patches, work with dark circles, tired puffy          eyes, and discolored eyebags on the face. They are great for restoring hydration          and moisture of fine lines and wrinkles that occur with age and environmental                factors. We have three variants of under eye masks that are designed for either             firming, hydrating, or stimulating collagen production in the skin surrounding the           eyes.

⭐️ Each box comes with 3 pairs of patches, which means 6 patches inside. 

⭐️ The Firming Hydrogel patch is enhanced with seaweed and chamomile extracts         that contain collagen properties to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fight             signs of aging. Not only does it contain properties that rejuvenate the skin, but               ingredients that also firm the epidermis to make it tighter as well. 

⭐️ The Hydrating Hydrogel patch is packed with pumpkin and cucumber extracts in       the formula that moisturize and help your skin appear radiant. Bamboo and lotus           extracts within the formula are also known to rapidly absorb into the skin to keep it        looking well energized and bright. 

⭐️ The Collagen Hydrogel patch is enriched with beneficial blends of Vitamin A & E,       which nourish and revitalize sensitive skin surrounding the eye area.                                The hydrolyzed collagen within the formula is known to improve skin elasticity,               reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin.